Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. Every question we ever get asked about our program is covered here. This is updated frequently so check back later on before opening a support ticket. If you have any other questions, please see our customer support center.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept For Deposit?

The entire system is built to use the following cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash.

How Much Do I Earn From My Deposit Exactly?

We've done everything in our power to simplify the money making process for you. Each deposit you make with us will receive: 0.25% in interest every 60 minutes for a total of 1440 Hours. After that 1440 hours is finished, your deposit will expire and no longer earn. You may make additional deposits at any time and they will be treated separately.

Do I Get My Original Investment Back?

Yes and No. Your initial deposit is paid back to you via profit At the end of the term of your investment, you'll have received a total return of 360%. Your initial deposit is included in that return. Once your deposit enter's the system, it is used by us to create more profit for the business to pay back your return. .

What is Your Minimum and Maximum Deposit?

We accept deposits as little as $10.00 and we have no maximum deposit. It's entirely up to you and how much money you want to make. Our system is infinitely scalable so we can safely accept big and small deposits.

Why Use Cryptocurrency Only?

There are several reasons why we exclusively deal in cryptocurrency. The #1 reason is simply put: as an opportunity doesn't work without it. One crucial component of our system is the fact that all of our profit hub earnings are directly converted to cryptocurrency from fiat. The way we convert this cryptocurrency is an additional stream of income for us as we take that crypto and float it for sale on the markets for higher prices. This profit is paid back to you and then some via our hourly income system.

Not only using cryptocurrency - we've made our system accessible to the entire world. There are no restrictions on who can use cryptocurrency. Anybody from anywhere in the world can use and profit from our system.

Also, it's the reason we have the FASTEST income opportunity available anywhere in the world. With Cryptocurrency, all deposit and withdrawal transactions are INSTANTANEOUS. That means there is ZERO WAITING for your deposits and withdrawals. You can't even get that kind of speed from the bank or the stock market.

What is the Minimum Amount That I Can Withdraw?

This depends on which cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw. Our minimum withdrawal for Bitcoin is: $5.00. Our minimum withdrawal for every other cryptocurrency is: $1.50. There are no maximum limits on withdrawals so you can withdraw as much of your available balance as you wish. PLEASE NOTE: Inside of your member's area, we offer an instant balance exchange to any of the 6 cryptocurrencies we accept for a small convenience fee of 10%.

When Will My Withdrawal Request Be Paid?

Your withdrawal request is paid INSTANTLY as soon as you request it. However, most Bitcoin/Altcoin wallets will have a slight 5-10 minute delay as to when it is received. This is because of how the Bitcoin/Altcoin Network must have at least 3 to 5 confirmations before it is considered received.

Can I have multiple accounts or refer family members in the same household with the same information as me?

If you wish to do this, you will need extremely special circumstances. We may grant permission for multiple accounts under a single person on a case by case basis. However, we generally DO NOT allow this due to the nature of our referral program. For example, one person can refer themselves multiple times and collect invalid referral commission on deposits for that were meant for one person. We know many people have good intentions but others do not and we have to protect our member's for the long term.

Can I Use My Account Balance To Deposit?

Absolutely! We encourage all of our member's to deposit from their earnings. Simply visit the deposit page and enter the amount you wish to re-invest. After that, choose which cryptocurrency account balane you wish to use for the deposit and click continue. You can find a list of your available balances at the bottom of the deposit page. PLEASE NOTE: No referral commissions are paid to your sponsor when you deposit with account balance.

Why Hasn't My Deposit Shown Up Yet?

Most deposits are automatically activated by our system between 5 minutes to 2 hours. However, once your payment has been sent to our wallet, it can take anywhere from 1 Minute to 12 Hours for it to receive 3 confirmations from the Bitcoin Network before it is activated by our system. You'll receive an email confirmation when your deposit is activated. Please do not contact support until you've waited 24 hours from when you've made your payment.

Why Isn't My Deposit Earning Yet?

Your deposit hasn't been activated for longer than an hour yet. Deposit Interest is paid once every hour. Please allow exactly 1 hour from the moment your deposit was confirmed. Once it's been an hour, please check the "Income History" of your account.

What do I Get Paid For Referring People?

We will pay you 8% for every new deposit that you personally refer to us. That's not all either.....

If that person you referred decides to refer a new deposit as well, we'll pay you an additional 1% on that. Not done yet....

AND if that person ALSO decides to refer a new deposit, you will receive an additional 1% on that as well!

That's a total of 10% of referral commission on 3 levels of referrals!

That's not even the best part....all of your referrals belong to you for LIFE!

If they decide to deposit again and will profit each time they make a deposit for the lifetime of your referral!

Can you see the potential?

You really need only a few referrals to build a lifetime of totally passive income.

Referral Commisson Table
1st Level: 8%
2nd Level: 1%
3rd Level: 1%

Why Don't I Get Paid Referral Commission On Account Balance Deposits?

Unfortunately, we can only pay referral commission for incoming cryptocurrency deposits. If we allowed referral commission on account balance deposits we'd go bankrupt as the compound interest on referral commissions would not be sustainable for the long term. All new cryptocurrency deposits have 10% sent to a special reserve wallet to pay out referral commissions instantly. Account balance deposits do not have this as no new cryptocurrency is generated from that deposit.

Do I Need To Pay Anything To Earn From The Affiliate Program?

NO! You may earn from your referrals for life even if you never make a deposit with us. However, many of our top sponsors choose to re-invest their referral earnings into new deposits for maximum profit.

Can I Exchange One Account Balance For A Different Cryptocurrency?

YES! We offer an INSTANT EXCHANGE from one currency to any of the 6 cryptocurrency options that we accept. For example, if you have $3 in Bitcoin but want Litecoin instead, just visit our exchange to quickly convert your balance to Litecoin! There is a low 10% convenience fee each time you use this feature. This fee is not for profit and is used to maintain stable balances of every cryptocurrency.

Are There Any Limits On How Much I Can Exchange?

As of right now, there are ZERO limits on how much of your balance you can exchange. In the future, as we evaluate the performance and risk analysis of this feature of our website, we may institute restrictions and limits.